» A Fibrin-Based Bioengineered Ocular Surface With Human Corneal Epithelial Stem Cells.
Bin Han, D.V.M; M.S; Ivan R. Schwab; M.D., Trista K. Madsen. B.S and R Rivkah Isseroff, M.D.

» Modulation of Fibrinogen Content in Cryoprecipitate by Temperature Manipulation During Plasma Processing.
A. Farrugia, S. Grasso, S. Douglas, R. Harrap, A. Oates, I. Young, J. James and G. Whyte.

» A Novel Automated Method of Temperature Cycling to Produce Cryoprecipitate.
Gail Rock, Rachel Berger, John Lange, Melanie Tokessy, Douglas S. Palmer, and Antonio Giulivi.

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