» Comparison with four methods for collection pheripheral stem cells in 24 patients
Fracois Schooneman, Catherine Claise
Blood Transfusion Center – Vandoeuvre, France

» Assessment of the programmme for stemm cell collection with Dideco Excel cell separator
G. Menichella, M. Lai,, L. Pierelli, R. Serafíni, M.A. Vittori, M. Ciarli, P.L. Rossi, M.L Foddai, G. Leone*, B. Bizzi.

Center for Research and Manipulation of Haematic Components, Haematology Division*
Medical Semiotics Institute.
University “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” – Rome, Italy
XXXII Convegno Nazionale di Studi di Medicina Transfusionale

» Stem Cell collection from pheripheral blood (PBSC) autologous transplantation with CS – 3000 Plus/Baxter ed Excel/Dideco: The experience of the hematology service at S. Raffaele Hospital – Milan.
M. Bernardi, P. Servida, E. Zappone, S. Rossini.
Scientific Institute . Raféale Institute – Milan.
SidE, Napoli 1995

» Donor Platelet Apheresis: are rendomized platelet to disappear?
M. Valbonese, G. Lercari, G. Florio, C. Capra, R. Frisoni, M. Fella, M. R. Ruzzenenti, S. Berta, A. Sanna, E. Pungolino, G. Giannini.
Immunohaematology Service – S. Martino Hospital – Genoa.
SIdE, Napoli 1995

» Collection of Pheripheral blood stem cell with the excel blood cell separator.
Francois Shooneman Catherine Claise
Blood Transfusion Center Avenue de Bourgogne 54511 Vandoeuvre, France

» Leukocytic pollution in platelet concentratesfrom apheresis quality checkings on two cell separators.
C. del Monte, R. Leone, M. Cossutta, R. Morara, S. Calabrese, D. Fioravanti*, T. Lanti.
Apheresis Service – CRI / “S. Camillo” Hospital, Rome Cell Immunology” Laboratory CNTS
SIdE, Napoli 1995

» Study on the functional condition of platelets drawed by two different kinds of cell separators.
*AMF. Cardillo, *M: Gozzero, *M. Masci, *A. Rusignolo,
**M. Bartoli, **M. Pesciotti, **S. Riondino, **PP. Gazzaniga,
***G. Isacchi.
*Human Biopathology Dept., Transfusionale Centre
**Sperimental medicine and general pathology Dept.
“La Sapienza” University – Rome.
***Internal Medicine Dept. – Immunohematology División
“Tor Vergata” University, Rome.
SIdE, Napoli 1995

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